This is a very unusual silk made from the waste silk. When you reel silk from a cocoon, there is always a bit of fuzzy thing on the surface, which you need to yank off before you can start reeling cleanly. Traditionally, we never throw this away, and keep it till there is enough to spin silk out. This is what that is. It has a full body, since there is still a sericin on the surface of the yarn. If you degum the yarn, it will become extremely soft and fuzzy. You can use it as is. Lace stitch looks great! Good as a warp or weft yarn. Try to make a sculptural garment. (Just about 8-10 balls of this will make it.)

This yarn is also available in white and chunky.

Please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently. Thank you for your understanding.

unit size: 1/2 oz.
content: 100% silk
yardage: 150 yds.
weight: lace / novelty
suggested epi for weaving: 15-20
suggested needle size for knitting: us no. 2-8