Thank you for your interest in my yarns. As of summer 2023, I am not offering the yarns to stores anymore. I do however offer to the designers, artists, or whoever interested in a bulk order. 


The starting order minimum is $1000.


The re-order minimum is $200, however this is not applied if you are a frequent customer. (Please note if there is no order over a year, the starting minimum kicks in again.)


The prices do not include domestic or international shipping cost. It also does not include any customs duty or tax. 


The delivery will take approx. 2-4 weeks. 


All orders must be pre paid. I do not extend terms. I accept credit cards, bank transfer, checks, and paypal (Please kindly note I must charge extra 3% with paypal as it charges a much higher merchant fee.)


All wholesale orders are final and no return is accepted. The yarns are ordered specially for you from small mills in Japan.


Please let me know at habu@habutextiles.com if there is a missing item or a pre-existing damage in the yarns. I will be sure to replace them for you. 


Prices & available colors are subject to change without notice. Please request the most current price list or refer to our website for the latest colors when you place an order.


I do not wholesale all the products on my website, however can most likely offer some discount if you are strongly interested. Please let me know at habu@habutextiles.com.