n-28 naturally dyed silks in variation

n-28 naturally dyed silks in variation


When I begun my journey into weaving, I dyed all my yarns with natural dyes. It took weeks and months to achieve those colors, and when they were all dyed, I could not bare to use them. Too precious.

So I kept them in a very safe place for years. I have forgotten all about them as I became too busy with other things. 

Here they are.They are not all the same silk. Some are raw. Some are degummed. Some are tram. Some are organzine. They are all different and different in weight, but are all dyed with purely natural dyes using cochineal, madder, logwood, kihada, brazilwood, and many other. 

They are in a great condition, so if you are equipped, please wind them and use for warp or weft, but I recommend more for using them for stitching. Cut the skein in the middle and pull a thread gently as you use them. It will probably last you a life time as each skein probably has approx. 5000-10,000 yards. It is an extreme limited stock. I only have one skein of each color except for a few. 

Interested in dyeing your own? Please do! Here they are. 

please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently. thank you for your understanding.

unit size: varies
content: 100% silk or cotton
weight: lace