Do you remember seeing a bagworm hanging from the tree when you were a child? I used to play with them... (I cannot imagine doing that now...) Deborrea is a species of bagworm native to southern Madagascar. (There are over 2000 species of moths in Madagascar.) It is a great source of protein, so the natives will collect them as a part of their diet. This was also true in Japan, where the farmers kept and cooked the silkworm after all the silk has been reeled out.  

Please kindly note that there is only a very limited quantity available, and if out of stock, it will take at least a few months for the new stock to come in. 

Please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently. Thank you for your understanding.

unit size: 10 pieces layered (approx. 1.5 - 2" long each, and 10 pieces weigh approx. 0.08 oz in total)
content: 100% silk