This extremely rare thread is made from a Japanese hand made paper, which is gold leafed by hand, steamed and then sliced to a hair thin width. Traditionally, it has been used to weave a very ornate ceremonial Obi sash.

In order to keep the thread from twisting, tangling and breaking, only the inner part of the paper is sliced and the selvedge is kept in tact.

A weaver will break only a necessary amount from the sheet (keeping one of the selvedges still attached) when she/he is ready to use. The leaf will be hang from the side of the loom. The weaver will break one thread at a time with a finger and then draw it into the weaving shed with a long bamboo hook. Laid perfectly flat, it is tapped into the weave very delicately. 

Please note that the colors you see on the screen may not be accurate as each monitor displays differently. Thank you for your understanding.

size: A sheet is approx. 45 x 60 cm. The leafed thread is approx. 40 cm. long. Each thread is approx. 1/2 mm. wide
content: 100% paper with gold leaf