Quite rare to find. Comes from Indonesia. The small holes on the surface is naturally there, so you cannot reel those cocoons, but can spin. Beautiful natural golden color. You must degum the cocoons if you plan to spin, but please note that they are tough to degum unlike white bombyx cocoons. You must degum for a long time, and will probably lose most of the color. If you want to keep the color, please degum slightly, then force open the cocoon with your fingers. You will only get about 1-2 yds. length fiber, but can still weave with it. It is beautiful! Many surface design artists/quilters have used this material for surface decoration or for fusing in between another material. It is not fragile, so will not break so easily.

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unit size: 1/2 oz. (I cannot really count how many piece are in there. May be 50? May be 100?)
content: 100% silk